Adding lead and free times to your bookings

Manage bookings efficiently with OskarOS: Lead time prepares you for appointments, free time prevents overlaps, and smart scheduling optimizes your schedule.

In OskarOS, managing lead and free times is essential for optimizing your booking schedule. These features ensure adequate preparation for appointments and prevent overlapping bookings.

Understanding lead time

  • Lead time is the period required between a customer making a booking and the actual service time.
  • It allows you to prepare for upcoming appointments and adjust your schedule as needed.

Understanding free time

  • Free time acts as a buffer between consecutive bookings.
  • This period helps to avoid rushing and overlapping appointments, ensuring smooth transitions and consistent service quality.

Utilizing smart scheduling

  • To make your schedule automatically adjust to your booking slots, including any set free time, enable smart scheduling within the booking options.
  • This feature streamlines your calendar, aligning it with your specific operational needs.