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We're developing OskarOS with simplicity and flexibility at its core. Discover how you can tailor our software to your specific requirements here.

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Welcome to OskarOS

Changelog: Find out what's new

Explore OskarOS's latest updates in our Changelog section

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New: Use OskarOS as a desktop or mobile app!

Enjoy OskarOS as a Progressive Web App (PWA) both desktop and mobile.

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Why should you choose OskarOS?

At OskarOS we’re your partners in happiness.

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Quick setup guide

Creating your account

Learn how you can sign up for an OskarOS account.

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Adding your first bookable resource

Here's how you can add your first bookable resource.

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Customizing your booking page

Make your booking page uniquely yours.

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Sharing your booking link

Learn how to share your booking link.

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