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Bookings & orders management

Understanding booking vs. orders in OskarOS

Learn how bookings and orders work together in OskarOS.

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Managing bookings

Learn how to manage your bookings in OskarOS.

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Managing orders

Learn how to manage orders in OskarOS.

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Finding past/old bookings and orders

Quickly locate and review previous bookings and orders with OskarOS

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Managing appointment reminders

Manage the appointment reminders sent to your customers.

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Tracking payment status

Learn how to use the payment status to manage orders requiring your attention.

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Calendar management

Manage multiple resources in your OskarOS calendar

Oversee multiple resources simultaneously

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Setting up booking slots in OskarOS

Define your resources availability and booking durations.

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Enable bookings to extend into off-times

Give your customers greater flexibility in their bookings.

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Adding, editing, and deleting bookings from your calendar

Easily add, edit, or cancel bookings right from your calendar view.

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Rescheduling or canceling bookings

Learn how to reschedule or cancel bookings in OskarOS.

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Enable multiple availability for resources in OskarOS

Facilitate parallel bookings for a single resource or manage identical resources

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Showing overnight bookings in your calendar

Keep an oversight of your accommodation's guests.

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Scheduling lead and free times

Let buffer times make your schedule work better for you!

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Setting advance booking limits

Decide how far in advance your customers can book.

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Setting availability/working hours

Set your availability and that of your staff and resources.

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Handling multiple bookings

Manage the capacity of your resources.

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Selecting calendar views

Your calendar has different, convenient views to look at your bookings.

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