Adding, updating, and canceling bookings manually

Manually add bookings, update, or cancel them from your dashboard or the Bookings section. Update future bookings.

OskarOS provides a straightforward way to manually add, update, or cancel bookings. This feature allows for direct control over bookings from your dashboard or within the Bookings section.

How to manually manage bookings

Adding bookings:

  • To add a booking, click 'Add booking' on your dashboard or select 'Add' in the Bookings section.
  • Follow the prompts to enter the necessary details for the new booking.

Updating bookings:

  • Find the booking you wish to change and click the [...] icon.
  • Select 'Update' from the options on the right side to modify the booking details.
  • Please note that only future bookings that have not yet commenced can be updated.

Cancelling bookings:

  • In the same menu where you find the update option, there is also the choice to cancel bookings.
  • Use this function to withdraw a booking as needed, ensuring it aligns with your schedule or availability changes.

Key points to remember

Managing future bookings:

  • It's important to remember that updates and cancellations can only be applied to bookings that are yet to start.