Booking limits per client

Set the 'Max bookings per customer' in resource settings to allow multiple bookings by a single customer.

The 'Max bookings per customer' feature in OskarOS enables you to control the number of times a single customer can book a particular resource. This function is crucial for managing resource availability and client booking frequency.

How to implement booking limits

Configuring 'Max bookings per customer':

  • Access the settings of the specific resource you wish to manage.
  • Set the 'Max bookings per customer' to define the maximum number of times a single customer can book this resource.

Applications of this setting:

  • Multiple Bookings for Singular Resources: Ideal for situations where you want to allow a customer to book a single resource multiple times, such as booking a conference room on various non-consecutive days.
  • Imposing Booking Restrictions: Useful for limiting popular resources, like restricting a sought-after workshop to one booking per customer, ensuring fair access for all clients.

Benefits of setting booking limits

Effective resource management:

  • By setting booking limits, you can optimize the utilization of your resources, balancing demand and availability.
  • This feature enhances your ability to offer equitable access to resources, particularly for high-demand services or facilities.