Booking series and events

Introducing 'Booking Series' in OskarOS: Plan bundles, special, or irregular events with ease, enhancing your event management.

Capabilities of 'booking series'

'Booking series' in OskarOS is an innovative feature designed to streamline your event planning. Typical use-cases are:

  • Plan event series: Set up and offer sequences of events, like classes or workshops, as a bundled package.
  • Schedule special events: Organize and facilitate bookings for single or multi-day events, such as seminars or retreats.
  • Flexible scheduling: Override your regular schedule for specific events to accommodate special occasions.
  • Integrate irregular events: Seamlessly add unique or one-time events into your calendar.

How to access and utilize 'Booking series'

  • Locate the 'Schedule event(s)' tab within your booking options. This tab is conveniently positioned next to your regular schedule for easy access.
Booking series and events

Creating your event series:

  • Initiate your series by clicking ‘Add another event to series’ in the tab.
  • Each selection adds a new event, enabling you to build a comprehensive series.

Setting a price

  • When pricing an event series, the cost is set per event.
  • For instance, for a 10-session course totaling USD 80.00, price it at USD 8.00 per session. Our system will automatically calculate the total during client booking.
  • Since OskarOS you can choose wether you want the events of the series to be bookable as a bundle or individually, see below.

New in OskarOS 0.6

  • Individual or bundled session bookings: Whether it's a workshop, event or a class series, participants can now book sessions individually or as a bundle. The added flexibility gives you more options for your clients and helps to increase attendance and satisfaction.
Booking series and events
  • Custom pricing per event: Since OskarOS 0.6 you can tailor the pricing for each event occurrence to reflect the unique value or costs associated with specific sessions, which may also be a result of arying event locations. This feature allows for precise financial planning and offers your clients transparent pricing options.
Booking series and events
  • Events overview page: A new dedicated page for all your events makes it a breeze to track sign-ups, monitor remaining capacity, and access participant details with just a click. This centralized overview streamlines your event management process, saving you time and effort.
Booking series and events

Need help or have questions?

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