Calender and functions

Access dedicated resource calendars from the 'Calendar' section, view bookings, and manage multiple bookings for the same timeslot.

Resource calendars offer a clear and organized view of your bookings, helping you to efficiently manage your resources. The ability to see multiple bookings in one timeslot simplifies the process of organizing events or sessions with multiple attendees.

Accessing and using resource calendars

Viewing your resource calendars:

  • Navigate to the 'Calendar' section from the main menu.
  • Each resource has its own dedicated calendar. Click on a calendar’s name to open its detailed view.

Interacting with bookings:

  • The calendar displays all bookings for that resource. Clicking on a booking provides a quick preview.
  • For more detailed information, select 'Show' to access comprehensive booking details.

Managing multiple bookings:

  • For resources capable of handling multiple bookings simultaneously, the calendar will list all bookings for a particular timeslot.
  • This is particularly beneficial for managing events or courses where multiple participants are involved.