Cancelling and deleting bookings

Cancel any booking before it occurs, but to delete a booking, remove the entire order to maintain complete records."

In OskarOS, you have the flexibility to cancel bookings before their scheduled occurrence. However, deleting a booking involves removing the entire associated order to ensure the integrity and completeness of your records.

How to cancel and delete bookings

Canceling a Booking:

  • Bookings can be canceled at any point before their scheduled time.
  • To cancel, simply select the booking you wish to cancel and choose the cancel option. This action will not affect the rest of the order.

Deleting a booking:

  • To delete a booking, you must remove the entire order to which the booking is linked.
  • This action ensures that your records remain complete and accurate, preventing any discrepancies in your accounts.

Importance of complete records

Maintaining accurate order records

  • The policy of deleting the whole order for a single booking deletion is designed to maintain the integrity of your business records.
  • This approach helps in avoiding any missing details that could potentially lead to inconsistencies or problems in your accounting processes.