Class and course scheduling

Set up OskarOS as a class scheduling software in five simple steps: create an account, add classes as resources, customize booking options, personalize your booking page, and promote it.

OskarOS is an ideal platform for scheduling various types of classes, whether academic, professional training, or fitness activities like boxing. Its simple, user-friendly interface ensures efficient management of your class schedules.

Quick setup guide: Boxing studio example

Step 1: Create your account

  • Visit the OskarOS website and sign up.
  • Post-registration, access your dashboard, the central hub for all your booking management.
  • Use ‘Get Started’ in the dashboard to launch the resource wizard.
Class and course scheduling

Step 2: Set up your resource

  • Define each boxing class, instructor, or room as a distinct resource. This choice should align with your organizational preferences:
    • Class-based resource: Focus on specific classes, ideal for busy studios with a fixed class schedule.
    • Instructor-based resource: Organize around individual teachers, suitable for personalized training sessions.
    • Room-based resource: Base it on room availability, perfect for maximizing space utilization.
  • Add details like name, images, and descriptions to your resource.
  • Set total availability and utilize 'Max booking per customer' for enrollment management.
Class and course scheduling

Step 3: Customize booking options for your classes

Class and course scheduling
  • For individual class bookings: When setting up individual class bookings in OskarOS, it's crucial to synchronize the resource's schedule with the time interval of the booking option. For example if you have a class (like boxing) that's 90 minutes long and starts at 6 PM on Monday and Thursday, do two things in OskarOS:
    • Make sure your resource has a timeslot that is exactly from 6 PM to 7:30 PM on Monday and Thursday (left image).
    • Set your booking time interval (in booking option, right image) to 90 minutes.
    • Please note that with these settings you are limited to one booking option per resource. We are currently working on an improved solution to this.
Class and course scheduling

Step 4: Personalize your booking page

  • Brand your page with your studio logo, a catchy tagline, and a custom background in 'Settings' > 'Booking page setup'.
Class and course scheduling

Step 5: Promote and share your booking page

  • Share your classes using the unique booking URL found on the blue button in the top right corner (desktop) or in the main menu (mobile).
  • Promote via social media, email, your website, or physical marketing materials.

Need assistance?

  • For any support in setting up or managing your classes in OskarOS, our dedicated team is here to help guide you through the process. Contact us here.