Create entry time slots

Efficiently manage visitor flow with OskarOS's entry time slot system, perfect for various settings. Quick setup includes adding resources, creating booking options, and customizing settings.

An entry time slot booking system is ideal for managing customer or visitor flow in environments where scheduled access is crucial. This system is particularly beneficial for spas, gyms, medical clinics, special events, and other settings where managing capacity or timed entry is essential.

Steps to implement an entry time slot system

1. Add or modify a resource:

  • Go to the 'Resources' tab on your OskarOS dashboard.
  • Click 'Add Resource' to create a new resource or choose to modify an existing one.
Create entry time slots

2. Create a booking option:

  • Create a new booking option by selecting from available templates. For instance, choose a 60-minute reservation template or customize another option to suit your needs.
Create entry time slots

3. Personalize your resource:

  • After creating your resource, return to the 'Resources' section to customize it.
  • Assign a name, set its availability, and upload an image for a personalized touch.
Create entry time slots

4. Configure your booking option:

  • Access 'Booking Options' under Settings to edit the booking option you created.
  • Name it 'Entry time slot', set the duration for each slot (e.g., 20 minutes), and add a price if necessary.
Create entry time slots

5. Save and activate:

  • Save your changes to finalize the setup. Your entry time slot system is now operational and ready for bookings.
Create entry time slots

6. Conduct a test run (optional):

  • Consider booking a slot yourself to test the system’s functionality.
  • This step ensures everything is functioning as intended before opening up to customers.