Creating, customizing and editing booking options

Learn how to create, customize, and edit booking options in our system, including setting names, descriptions, pricing, and duration, along with advanced features like smart scheduling and overnight booking.

During the resource creation process, you can add template booking options and then customize them.

For manual creation or editing, navigate to Settings > Booking Options. There, you'll see all previously added options. Add a new option using the yellow ‘Add’ button and edit existing ones by selecting them from the list.

You have the following options to customize your booking options:

Basic information

  • Name: Set how your resource appears in the system and on the booking page.
  • Brief description: Provide a 40-character description to differentiate resources, visible below the resource name on the booking page.
  • Advanced details: Use the extended description for detailed information, which are displayed in a 'Show details' section of the respective booking option on your booking page.
  • Resource linking: The section 'Used in the following resources' shows where your booking option is applied. If no resources are listed, it’s not linked yet.


  • Standard pricing: Set the per booking price. For flexible booking periods, using the minimum booking period as a reference price, our system adjusts the final price accordingly.
  • Advanced pricing: Add tax settings for each booking option.

Booking duration settings

  • Time unit: Define the unit (minutes, hours, days) for booking duration.
  • Time interval: Set the interval for bookings, like 60 minutes for a massage.
  • Flexible booking: Allow clients to choose their booking duration within set minimum and maximum limits.

Advanced settings

  • Smart scheduling: Automates schedule adaptation to your booking slots including free time buffers.
  • Lead time: Set the notice required for bookings.
  • Free time: Allocate buffer time between bookings for smooth transitions.
  • Booking extensions: Enable bookings to exceed free times and absences, useful for day and overnight bookings.
  • Overnight mode: Offer resources like hotel rooms for overnight booking.
  • Booking window and period:
    • Advance booking window: Determine how far in advance customers can book.

Limit booking period

Set a specific start and end date for availability.