Enabling multi-bookings

Customize booking frequency for resources in 'Settings' > 'Resources' > 'Resource can be booked multiple times.

The multi-bookings feature in OskarOS allows you to customize the booking frequency for each resource, offering greater flexibility in how your resources are utilized and booked by clients.

Setting up multi-bookings

Configuring booking frequency:

  • Navigate to 'Settings' > 'Resources'.
  • Select 'Resource can be booked multiple times' for resources that have the capacity to accommodate multiple bookings simultaneously.

Practical applications:

  • Ideal for resources like a fleet of rental bicycles or a yoga studio with multiple class slots.
  • Adjust the settings to accurately represent the availability and capacity of such resources.

Utilizing 'Max bookings per customer':

  • This setting is beneficial when a singular resource can be booked multiple times by a customer in one action.
  • Examples include booking a conference room for multiple, non-consecutive days.
  • It can also be used to set booking limits, like restricting a popular workshop to one reservation per customer.

Benefits of multi-bookings

Enhancing resource management:

  • Multi-bookings increase the efficiency of resource utilization.
  • They provide customers with the convenience of booking resources for multiple dates or sessions in a single transaction.
  • This feature also aids in managing resources that are capable of serving several clients at once.