Flexible vs. fixed booking slots

Customize booking options, from minutes to days, in 'Settings' > 'Booking Options' > 'Booking Duration.

Our booking system is designed to cater to a wide range of scheduling needs, offering unparalleled flexibility and precision in managing appointments. Whether you're scheduling short consultations or multi-day events, our system adapts to your unique requirements. With these settings, you can tailor the booking experience to both your business model and your clients' needs, ensuring satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Customizing your booking slots

  • Navigate to Settings: Access this feature by clicking on 'Settings', followed by 'Booking options'. From the list of available booking options, select the one you wish to modify.
  • Go to 'Set a schedule' > 'Regular schedule': This section allows you to tailor the duration of bookings, ranging from minutes to days, to suit the nature of your services.

Fixed vs. flexible booking slots

Our system's flexibility allows you to offer both fixed and customizable options to your clients. You can set up:

  • Fixed time slots for straightforward, uniform services.
  • Flexible bookings that let clients decide how long they need your service, within your specified range.

Fixed booking slots

  • Time unit: Define the basic unit for booking duration. This could be in minutes (ideal for short appointments), hours (suitable for longer sessions), or even days (perfect for events or extended services).
  • Time interval: Set specific intervals for bookings. For example, you might choose a 60-minute interval for massage appointments. This ensures consistency and helps in managing your schedule effectively.
  • Flexible booking: This feature takes customization to the next level. It allows clients to choose their booking duration within set minimum and maximum limits. This is particularly useful for services that vary in length according to client needs, offering both flexibility and control.

Flexible booking slots

  • Activate 'Enable flexible booking' function.
  • Minimum duration: Set the shortest allowable booking period. For instance, a minimum of 1 day for services or rentals that require at least a full day's commitment.
  • Maximum Duration: Define the longest booking period, up to 365 days. This is perfect for long-term engagements or extended services.