Limited booking periods

Limit Booking Period: Display available booking slots within a specified timeframe, ideal for seasonal offers and pricing variations.

The 'Limited booking period' function in OskarOS allows you to set specific timeframes for when bookings can be made. This feature is particularly useful for managing availability and offers that are time-sensitive or seasonal.

How to set up limited booking periods:

  • Choose the 'Limit booking period' option within your booking settings.
  • This enables you to specify the exact timeframe for which bookings are available.

Defining the timeframe:

  • Set the start and end dates to define the period during which bookings can be made.
  • During this period, only the slots falling within these dates will be visible to your clients.

Applications of limited booking periods

  • Ideal for seasonal services or events, ensuring bookings are only made within the relevant timeframe.
  • Utilize this feature for special pricing variations, aligning booking availability with promotional periods or pricing changes.