Logo, signature letter, tagline

Upload a logo or create a Signature Letter, add a tagline, and choose a background for your booking page.

Enhance the visual appeal of your OskarOS booking page by uploading a logo or creating a Signature Letter, adding a tagline, and selecting an appropriate background.

Steps for customizing your booking page

  • Go to 'Settings' > 'Organization Setup' to upload your logo.
  • If a logo isn't available, create a custom Signature Letter under 'Settings' > 'Booking Page Setup', which will be displayed in place of a logo.

Creating a tagline:

  • In the 'Booking Page Setup', you have the option to add a tagline to complement your logo or Signature Letter.
  • This addition is optional; you can leave it blank if it doesn't suit your needs.

Choosing a background:

  • Select a background for your booking page from our library of template images or upload your own. For optimal performance, use an image of 1024x1024 pixels and a maximum size of 1MB.
  • Alternatively, choose a solid color for the background by inputting a HEX code in the background color field.