Managing availability and off-days

Customize your resource's daily availability and designate off-days for holidays, breaks, or maintenance in the settings.

Managing availability involves customizing the daily operational hours of your resources and setting off-days for special circumstances in OskarOS. Both schedule and off-days settings are accessible and manageable within the settings section of your resource.

Customizing daily availability

  • Navigate to the schedule settings for each resource to define its available hours for each day.
  • You can set the availability from a few specific hours to the entire day.
  • For optimal scheduling practices, refer to our detailed use-case guide.

Setting off-days:

  • Off-days are used to mark periods when your resource is not available, such as public holidays, personal breaks, or maintenance times.
  • These settings override the regular schedule, ensuring the availability calendar reflects real-world situations.
Managing availability and off-days