Managing check-ins and check-outs for accommodations

Identify which guests are arriving and which are departing.

OskarOS is equipped to handle any type of accommodation. To make an accommodation bookable, use the Nights time unit in the booking option. This setting will automatically adjust your calendar to show accommodations as busy on arrival days, but available for new bookings on the departure date of guests.

Key benefits of the nights time unit:

  • Accurate charging: When a guest books from July 15 to July 16, the system will charge for one night, not two days.
  • Calendar management: Each day will show a list of guests staying for the night. By comparing this list with the previous or next day, you can easily identify which guests are arriving and which are departing.

Additional features:

Interested in more accommodation functionalities? We are exploring features like actual check-in and check-out statuses, self check-ins and check.outs, and more. If you have specific needs or ideas, please contact us. We look forward to working with you on these functionalities 1:1.