Managing rentals in your calendar

Get a simple overview of your rentals straight from your calendar.

If you manage multiple rental items of the same kind, you can use the Multiple availability feature. This creates a single calendar for each resource type, allowing you to see the availability of all items in that category at a glance.


If you have five cameras for rental, the calendar shows how many are booked and available each day.

Viewing options:

  • Individual resource: You can view bookings for individual resource types. The current resource you are viewing will have a blue outline in the top bar of your calendar.
  • Multiple resources: You can also view bookings for multiple resources together. Click on resource items in the top bar to add or remove them from your view; these will also get a blue outline.

This feature makes it easy to manage your rentals and keep track of your inventory.

Managing identical resources individually as child-resources:

If you want to manage each booking individually for identical resources, using Child-resources makes sense. This provides a detailed availability overview for each identical resource.

This feature is currently under development. If you are interested in using child-resources, please contact us for more information.