Make anything bookable

Transform how your clients book with OskarOS!

At OskarOS, our goal is to offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to make virtually anything bookable. From services to spaces, equipment to staff, and even accommodations or courses—our platform adapts to your diverse booking needs.

Create your custom booking system with OskarOS

1. Add a resource:

Start by defining what you want to book. A resource can be anything from a conference room, a yoga instructor, a piece of photography equipment, to a rental car. Simply add it as a resource in OskarOS.

2. Add booking options:

Customize how each resource can be booked. Whether it’s choosing available times, setting up special conditions, or integrating unique requirements, you can modify your booking options to fit the specific needs of your business and your customers.

This dual setup not only ensures that your offerings are bookable but also tailor-made to enhance your customer’s booking experience.

3. Save and publish your resource.

  • After making your changes, ensure to click Save to keep all updates.
  • Then, go to the Basic Information tab and toggle the switch to Published to make your resource available for booking.

Need help or extra features?

Encountering challenges or need enhancements tailored for your specific scenario? We’re here to help!

Unlock the potential of your business by making everything bookable with OskarOS. Start today and reshape the way you manage bookings and reservations!