Tailor your personal calendar template

To learn how OskarOS works, your account comes with a first resource template.

Upon setting up your OskarOS account, you'll find that a personal calendar equipped with booking functionality is ready and waiting. Whether you're using it as a straightforward personal calendar or adapting it for other applications, customization is just a few clicks away.

Accessing and modifying your calendar template

Modifying your calendar:

To make adjustments to your personal calendar:

  • Navigate to Resources on your OskarOS dashboard.
  • Select Personal calendar from the list. Here, you can change settings, adjust availability, and change the settings of the connected booking options.

Viewing your calendar:

To see your calendar in action on your booking page:

  • Click the square icon with an upward-pointing arrow located at the top of your dashboard. This will take you directly to your booking page where you can view your calendar as it appears to your customers.