Tracking payment status

Learn how to use the payment status to manage orders requiring your attention.

OskarOS simplifies the process of tracking payments for your orders with an integrated payment tracking mechanism. This feature enables you to monitor the payment status of each order efficiently, ensuring seamless financial management within your booking system.

Tracking payment status: Each order comes equipped with a payment status indicator, providing you with real-time insights into the financial status of your bookings. You can easily access this information in two key locations:

  • Orders page list: On the Orders page, you'll find a comprehensive list of all orders, each accompanied by its respective payment status. This overview allows you to quickly identify orders with pending payments and take necessary action.
  • Order detail page: When viewing the details of a specific order, the payment status is prominently displayed in the top right corner. Here, you'll also find a convenient toggle switch that allows you to update the payment status with ease.

Managing payment status: You can toggle the payment status directly from the order detail page, marking payments as "Paid" or "Unpaid" as needed.

Filtering orders by payment status: Filter the Orders page list by payment status. By selecting specific payment statuses such as "Paid" or "Unpaid," you can instantly generate customized views that focus on orders requiring immediate attention.