Understanding booking vs. orders in OskarOS

Learn how bookings and orders work together in OskarOS.

In OskarOS, Bookings and Orders have distinct functions, each playing a critical role in how reservations and transactions are managed.

Bookings: Securing availability

Bookings are the individual reservations that clients make for specific resources or services. When a client books something, they are essentially securing a time slot or a specific availability for that particular resource or service. Bookings are about scheduling and reserving access to your offerings.

Orders: Managing transactions

Orders, however, represent a broader aspect of the booking process. An order may consist of one or more bookings and is primarily focused on the financial transactions associated with these bookings. Orders consolidate all the financial details like charges, payments, and potential refunds for the bookings made by a client.

How they work together

  • When a client makes a booking through OskarOS, that booking is typically entered into an order.
  • This order tracks all the financial details and changes related to the booking(s), serving as a comprehensive record of the transaction between your business and the client.