Adding extras to your bookings

Extras are a simple means to upsell to your clients.

Upselling customers during the booking process offers great commercial potential. Extras, which include additional services and options, can be added to your booking options. You can find and configure these in the Extras tab within your booking option settings.

Examples of extras:

  • Hostel Stays: An optional breakfast that can be booked with the accommodation.
  • Barber Services: A special beard oil treatment that can be added to a beard trim.

Adding new extras:

  1. Go to your booking option’s settings.
  2. Select the Extras tab.
  3. Click + Create extra.
  4. Enter the name, description, and optional price for the extra.

Flexible bookings:

If you offer flexible bookings where customers can choose the length of their stay or service, and you want extras to multiply accordingly (e.g., a breakfast for each night at the hostel), activate the Multiply option in the extra’s settings.

This feature enhances the booking experience by allowing customers to customize their bookings and increases your revenue potential through upselling.