What are booking options?

Discover the role of booking options in our system and how they intertwine with resources and your booking page.

Booking options in OskarOS are the choices available to clients, like dates, times, and prices, which are essential for reserving various resources.

Defining booking options and their role

  • Booking options need to be linked to at least one resource to become available for selection.
  • They offer versatility and can be applied to multiple resources.
  • For example, in a co-working space, you could set up half-day and full-day booking options (two different choices) for a desk (the resource).

Understanding the relationship between resources, booking options, and your booking page

  • Resources
    • Imagine each resource in our booking system as a scoop of ice cream, representing different offerings like rooms or services.
    • You can add multiple 'scoops' (resources) to your 'cone' (booking page) simultaneously.
  • Booking options
    • The toppings on each ice cream scoop are akin to the booking options, such as time slots and pricing.
    • These options provide flexibility and can be applied across various resources.
  • Your booking page
    • The cone, holding all the scoops and toppings, symbolizes your booking page.
    • Here, users can effortlessly combine different resources and options, similar to building a personalized ice cream treat.
What are booking options?