Enabling flexible booking durations in OskarOS

Allow your customers to choose their booking length.

Offer your customers the flexibility to choose how long they need your services or resources. For example, if you’re offering bookings for a tennis court, you can allow players to book for longer sessions as needed.

How to set up flexible booking durations

1. Access booking duration settings:

  • Navigate to the settings of the booking option you want to adjust.

2. Enable flexible booking

  • Turn on the Enable flexible booking feature.

3. Configure duration limits

  • Set the Minimum duration to the standard booking length, such as 60 minutes for a regular tennis court session.
  • Set the Maximum duration to allow for extended bookings, such as 120 minutes for extended play.

Benefit for customers

This setup allows your clients to select a booking duration that suits their needs, whether they want a standard session or an extended period. It enhances customer satisfaction by providing more tailored options.