Configuring booking prices & taxes in OskarOS

Charge for your services with OskarOS.

Set up pricing for your services or resources using OskarOS to ensure you are compensated appropriately for offerings. You can also include tax calculations to comply with local tax regulations.

Setting up pricing for bookings

  • Go to the settings of the booking option you wish to configure.
  • Click on the Pricing tab.

2. Enable and set pricing

  • Activate the Enable pricing option.
  • Enter the price for your bookings.

3. Configure tax settings:

  • Optionally, specify a tax percentage that will be added to the booking cost. This helps in automatically calculating the total amount payable by the customer, including taxes.

Custom payment instructions

For more personalized payment arrangements:

1. Access payment settings:

  • Go to Settings > Payment and Checkout.

2. Specify payment instructions

  • Enter detailed payment instructions, such as deposit requirements or specific payment timelines. For example, you might require a 50% deposit to be transferred to your bank account at the time of booking.
  • These instructions will appear on both the booking page and within the booking confirmation email to ensure customers are clear on how to proceed with payments.