Creating a new booking option

Set up a new booking option you can then use for your resources.

Whether adjusting a preset standard option or starting from scratch, these steps will guide you through creating a booking option that meets your specific needs.

Steps to create a new booking option

1. Access booking option settings:

  • Navigate to the settings of your resource.
  • Click on the + Create option button to start defining a new booking option.

2. Configure your booking option

Basic information

Provide a clear name and a detailed description for the booking option to help clients understand what it offers.

Booking duration

Determine the length of time each booking will last, which can range from minutes to hours or even multiple sessions.


Define how much this booking option will cost. You can set a fixed price or different prices based on certain conditions.


Offer additional services or items that clients can choose to include with their booking.

Appearance on the booking page

Decide how this booking option will be displayed to customers, ensuring it is attractive and informative.

3. Finalizing your booking option

Once you have configured all the necessary settings, review your entries to ensure everything is accurate and reflects the specifics of the service you are offering. Make sure to save all changes!