Adding booking options to your resource

A resource needs at least one booking option connected to be bookable.

For a resource to be bookable in OskarOS, it must be connected to at least one booking option. Booking options define the specific conditions under which your resource can be booked.

Steps to add booking options

1. Access resource settings

  • Navigate to the settings of the resource you want to configure.
  • Click on the Booking options tab.

2. Configure booking options

  • To add a new booking option, select + Add new option and fill in the necessary details.
  • To use an existing option, simply check the box next to the booking option you wish to apply to the resource.

3. Apply multiple booking options

  • You can associate multiple booking options with a single resource to accommodate different booking needs or scenarios.
  • These options can be reused across multiple resources without any restrictions.

4. Finalizing your setup

  • Ensure that your booking options are correctly configured to reflect the availability, pricing, or special conditions of your resource.
  • Once set, these options enable your resource to be visible and bookable on your scheduling page.