Quick resource setup in OskarOS

Start accepting bookings immediately

In OskarOS, resources are the backbone of your booking system, encompassing everything from time slots in your personal calendar to physical items like equipment, spaces, or staff. Setting up these resources quickly will help you start managing bookings right away.

Creating and modifying resources

Starting with a standard resource

When you first create an OskarOS account, a standard resource called 'Personal Calendar' is automatically generated. This can be customized to fit your specific requirements or used as a template for new resources.

Adding new resources

Via dashboard

  • Go to your dashboard.
  • Click the dropdown arrow next to the ‘+Add Booking’ button.
  • Select ‘Add Resource’.

Via resources page

  • Navigate to the resources page.
  • Click ‘+ Add Resource’.

Directly from your calendar

  • Click the ‘+’ button on the right side of your personal calendar icon.

Important note on resource availability

A resource must have at least one booking option set up and must be published to be available for bookings. To publish a resource:

  • Go to the 'Basic Information' tab of the resource’s settings.
  • Toggle the switch to publish or unpublish the resource.