Adding, editing, and deleting bookings from your calendar

Easily add, edit, or cancel bookings right from your calendar view.

Whether you’re adding new bookings, making changes to existing ones, or need to cancel, here's how to handle these tasks seamlessly.

Adding bookings

To add a booking

  • Navigate to the top right corner of your calendar view.
  • Click ‘+ Add Booking’.
  • Follow the prompts to enter the booking details and confirm.

Editing bookings

To edit a booking

  • Click on the calendar entry of the booking you wish to edit.
  • An overlay will appear; click on the ‘...’ (more options) of the respective booking.
  • Select ‘Update Booking’.
  • Make the necessary changes and save your updates.

Deleting or canceling bookings

Important note on booking deletions

  • Bookings are tied to orders, which may contain multiple bookings for the same customer. As such, individual bookings cannot be deleted independently but must be canceled.
  • To fully remove a booking, you must delete the entire order to which the booking belongs.

To cancel a booking

  • Access the order containing the booking you wish to cancel.
  • Delete the order to cancel all associated bookings.