Manage multiple resources in your OskarOS calendar

Oversee multiple resources simultaneously

Optimizing the management of various resources is straightforward with your OskarOS calendar. This feature enhances your ability to oversee multiple resources simultaneously, ensuring you can efficiently coordinate different aspects of your business from a single viewpoint.

Customizing your calendar view

Accessing your calendar

In the main menu of your OskarOS account, navigate to your calendar to see all your bookings. This central hub is where you can manage everything from appointments to resource availability.

Viewing multiple resources

Whether you need to view appointments for individual resources or all at once, your OskarOS calendar is equipped to accommodate your needs. Manage and monitor the schedules of different resources—be it staff, rooms, or equipment—all in one place.

Identify your current view

The resource you are currently viewing is highlighted with a fine blue line. This visual cue helps you easily see which resource is displayed in your calendar.

Adding or removing resources

To customize which resources are visible in your calendar, simply click on the resource items you wish to add or remove from your view.

Adjustments are instant and can be modified anytime to suit your day-to-day requirements.