Showing overnight bookings in your calendar

Keep an oversight of your accommodation's guests.

Efficiently track your accommodation's guest stays with OskarOS’s overnight booking feature. This setup is ideal for accommodations like hotels, bed and breakfasts, and rental properties.

Enabling overnight bookings

  • Go to the settings of your booking option.
  • Select Nights as the time unit under Booking Duration. This ensures the system calculates the stay in terms of nights rather than hours or days.

Viewing overnight bookings

Day of arrival: Overnight bookings appear on the start day of the booking in your calendar.
Guest information: To see details about which guests are staying overnight, simply click on the calendar entry. You'll be able to view the guest list and other booking details.

Managing departures and arrivals

While the booking is marked on the day of arrival, remember that the departure typically happens the next morning. This arrangement allows the following day to be prepared and reserved for new arrivals.