Rescheduling or canceling bookings

Learn how to reschedule or cancel bookings in OskarOS.

Adjusting your schedule is straightforward with OskarOS. Whether you need to reschedule an appointment or cancel it altogether, here are the steps to manage bookings efficiently within your calendar.

To reschedule a booking

  • Click on the calendar entry of the booking you wish to change.
  • An overlay will appear; click on [...] button for the respective booking.
  • Select ‘Update Booking’.
  • Choose a new date and/or time, and confirm the changes to reschedule the booking.

Cancel a booking

  • Navigate to the order that contains the booking you want to cancel.
  • Delete the entire order to cancel all associated bookings. This action will remove the booking from your calendar and notify the customer of the cancellation.

Important note on canceling bookings

  • Bookings are tied to specific orders, which may include other bookings from the same customer. Therefore, bookings cannot be deleted individually but only canceled.
  • To fully remove a booking, you need to delete the entire order to which it is linked.