Setting up booking slots in OskarOS

Define your resources availability and booking durations.

Follow these straightforward steps to customize booking slots based on your resource availability and booking requirements.

Step 1: Determine resource availability

First, decide when your resource will be available for bookings. This forms the backbone of how your slots will be structured.

Edit schedule

1. Navigate to your resource’s settings in OskarOS.

2. Click on Schedule & availability to access the scheduling options.

Set availability

In the schedule section, you can edit and specify the days and times your resource is available for booking. This ensures your resource is only bookable when it should be.

Step 2: Define booking duration

Next, establish how long each booking slot should last to accommodate your service or resource offering effectively.

Modify booking options

Go to Booking options within your resource's settings.

Set duration

Here, you can add or adjust the duration of each booking. This is where you specify how long each session should last, whether it's a 30-minute consultation or a full-day event.