Scheduling lead and free times

Let buffer times make your schedule work better for you!

Make your scheduling system more efficient with OskarOS by incorporating lead and free times into your bookings. These settings are essential for ensuring that you and your team have adequate preparation time between appointments, enhancing overall operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

How to configure lead and free times

Access advanced settings: Navigate to the booking options for the specific resource you want to adjust.

Set lead time: Define the minimum notice required before a booking can be made. This helps prevent last-minute bookings that don't allow sufficient preparation time.

Set free time: Allocate buffer time after each booking. This is crucial for preparation or clean-up before the next client arrives.

Practical uses of lead and free times

Implementing lead and free times can significantly improve service delivery across various types of bookings:

  • Conference rooms (Free time): Add buffer time after each meeting to allow for clearing the room, resetting furniture, or setting up necessary technology for the next group.
  • Spas (Lead time): Establish a lead time to ensure staff have enough time to prepare the spa room with the specific treatments and products requested by the next client.
  • Medical Clinics (Free time): Schedule buffer periods after each appointment for necessary sanitization of the examination room and to provide doctors with time to complete any follow-up documentation.

By setting up these buffers, you ensure that your service areas are always ready and that your team is prepared for each client, contributing to a seamless customer experience.