Enable bookings to extend into off-times

Give your customers greater flexibility in their bookings.

In OskarOS, you can tailor your resource’s availability settings to not only define regular booking times but also accommodate bookings that need to extend beyond typical hours. This flexibility is crucial for catering to special circumstances such as weekends, holidays, or after-hours.

Understanding scenarios for extended bookings

Here are practical scenarios where allowing bookings to extend into off-times is beneficial:

Holiday rental

Guests may check in during normal reception hours, but their stay will continue throughout the holiday period, extending well past the usual operational hours.

Coworking space

Members might book a conference room during standard business hours for meetings or projects that need to continue into the evening, beyond the staffing times of the space.

Equipment rental

A construction firm may rent equipment that can be picked up during office hours. However, they return the equipment after hours using a secure drop-off box, which doesn't require staff presence.

Enabling extended booking options

To allow bookings that extend into designated off-times, providing additional convenience for your customers, follow these steps:

Go to the settings of the resource you wish to adjust.

2. Modify advanced settings

Within the ‘Other settings’ section, find and enable the option labeled ‘Booking may exceed free times and absences’.

This setting allows the booked time to extend into periods typically marked as unavailable, ensuring you don’t miss out on potential bookings during non-standard hours.