Setting advance booking limits

Decide how far in advance your customers can book.

Control how far in advance bookings can be made for your resources with the advance booking limit feature in OskarOS.

How to set advance booking limits

Navigate to advanced settings: Go to the booking options of your resource.

Locate the advance booking limit: Find this setting in the advanced options section.

Set the limit: Define how far in advance your resource can be booked. This limit can be set in days, weeks, or even months, depending on your specific needs.

Practical applications of advance booking limits

Implementing advance booking limits can benefit different types of businesses and services:

  • Holiday Rentals: Control when bookings can be made during peak seasons to manage demand and maximize occupancy.
  • Event Venues: Set bookings to be made well in advance to ensure ample preparation time for large-scale events.
  • Medical Clinics: Limit how far in advance appointments can be scheduled to accommodate potential changes in doctor availability.
  • Fitness Studios: Prevent classes from being booked too far ahead, ensuring fair access and availability to all members.
  • Educational Workshops: Allow bookings only within a certain timeframe before the event to adapt to varying demand and resource availability.